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Describing 5S system, going-over, education of the employees, introduction and guidance.

  • Organizing and transacting external trainings
  • Revision of the present quality assurance system
  • Ideas how to make the available system more economical
  • In case of introducing a new system, what modifications are essential

What is 5S?

5s Procomtec

It is one of the Kaizen methods which is able to make the development and the progress of the company dynamic thereby the investments of the concern (people, materials and machines), with the help of introducing effective techniques, result the greatest customersí satisfaction. The Kaizen is a complex system so that the introduction of it results in managerial commitment just like in huge developmental potential for the enterprises regardless of their activities. The Kaizen system was developed mainly for the companies of the automobile industry, nevertheless the elements of it can be used for other kinds of enterprises as well. One of these adaptable elements is the 5S system which is the basis of the philosophy of the Kaizen method. In case of introducing it, it results orderly processes and circumstances. Without introducing 5S system, the introduction of the Kaizen philosophy is not possible at the enterprise.

The systematic implementation of the 5S operations ensures us that our environment always seems clean and orderly and furthermore it results simpler and cleaner workflows along the continuous improvement of quality. All these steps can be carried out in the whole company or just in parts of it but in every occasion the leaders have to start it in order to show a good personal example. You can introduce and apply 5S to regularize and methodize offices, plants and datas stored on computers. If sometimes you canít find datas or documents at your company, or you have to face discipline problems at work, or you donít like introducing your enterprise to your business partners because the environment is not clean and orderly enough, find us and we solve these problems with the presentation and introduction of 5S system.