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Quality assurance

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Nowadays because of the financial crisis not all the companies can afford the employment of an experienced quality assurance advisor or engineer. PROCOMTEC Ltd. gives you a helping hand in a situation like this. ”Loaning” of work experience: Hiring of engineers according to your needs, you do not have to employ a worker. Our engineers and colleagues do the contracted work for a fixed payment.

Our Vision
With consistent work we desire to become an acknowledged company, one that has got good reputations.

Our Mission:
Even the most complicated system can be divided into simple processes, which can be a movement just like the production of a work piece. The multitude of these little units creates the whole and if any of these are wrong or missing, the system does not work perfectly. According to this, the main principle of Procomtec Ltd. is to offer simple and reliable solutions to their partners with both flexible and fast intervention and with help that fits the system.

What do YOU think?

Are your colleagues engaged in work of high standard and the manufacturing of qualitative products? Is it also disturbs you if your colleague doesn’t understand the essence of quality assurance and the prepared documents are not adequate for the customers? If you are fed up with the fact that quality assurance just takes your money away and the solutions of the quality assurance specialists or the commissioned advisers produce even more losses, than there is nothing else to do but act! You may be familiar with the fact that even if your colleague of quality assurance tells you so, paper is not a solution for everything, while more and more of the workers’ working hours are about documentation management.

Possibility:If you believe that all your colleagues should do for quality assurance on their own fields and the fulfillment of the customers’ needs is a basic requirement, contact our company trustingly!

Quality assurance via Internet/on telephone

If you don’t have enough money to employ a quality assurance engineer in a full-time job but the customers’ specifications include it, than Procomtec Ltd. is the solution. Practically it is a representation where we represent your interests at the customers and in case of complaint the customer asks us and we notify you only after clarifying the problems encountered. We deal with the complaints of the customers and we reconcile the actions with your colleagues.

For further reconciliations please contact us!

Introducing systems of quality assurance

  • On-the-spot survey at the customer
  • Screening
  • Retrieving information from the customer in order to build a quality assurance system
  • Ensuring first party auditors
  • We write the documentations according to the customers’ needs