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Quality services

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Our services

  • Suppliers’ representation at the purchasers
  • Outplaced quality controllers and technicians
  • Quality support to our partners at the site of PROCOMTEC Ltd.

Suppliers’ representation at the purchasers:

The supplier –mainly because of geographical features- is hardly able to provide fast and effective support for their supplied products to the purchasers. Our company undertakes the support of both Hungarian and foreign suppliers in Hungary, with doing quality controlling, repairing and value-saving tasks. We consider it important to satisfy our partners’ criterion flexibly and in a short time. Our aim is to effectively help the supplier in finding the appropriate solutions.

When recognizing the complaints in quality we make contact with the supplier. After ordering, our engineers and technicians do the documentation and organizational tasks in connection with starting working. We also see to the necessary inspections and reparations –besides permanent control of workflow and informing our partners- according to the needs of the supplier. After fulfillment we make out a bill of the incurring costs directly to the supplier.

Outplaced quality controllers and technicians:

Our customers’ satisfaction is an important factor in commercial success Our outplaced quality controllers and technicians can help us to provide constant presence for our partners at the customer’s site. The greatest advantage of this is that with continuous representation and with the permanent supervision of incoming merchandise the optional errors can be realized and corrected; we can prevent complaints or we can handle and solve them faster.

Quality support to our partners at the site of PROCOMTEC Ltd.:

Our company offers advantageous solutions if our partners need an external site or a smaller warehouse. We undertake the storage and supervision of our partners’ products, with the support of engineers and technicians, compared to the project and according to the partners’ needs. We also manage the total supervision of outbound freights and the incoming goods, which are not faulty by the supplier. We carry out transformations and reparations under permanent or ad hoc engagement agreements. For us it is important to help efficiently in order to achieve qualitative objectives so we continuously consult our partners and we operate a document management system that we elaborated together.

Our colleagues:

We continuously and deliberately develop our team with engineers and quality controllers. We select our quality controllers with the help of a three-step system to ensure reliable, qualitative and fast work. In case of having more controllers we employ a leader (with outstanding performance and experience) who organizes the tasks, supervises the controllers and he himself also takes part in the activities in order to make work continuous and coordinated.

Works our Customers


By the chart above, we can say that because of our deliberate, direct and honest conduct new recurring partners enlist our services month by month.

Business aim: We try to win the confidence of our business partners with determined team-building and qualitative services because we would like them to enlist the services of our company more widely.


  • Liteon Automative Playback Hungary Ltd.
  • Johnson Controls Mezõlak Ltd.